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pad en inglés británico

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padnoun [ C ]

uk /pæd/ us /pæd/

pad noun [ C ] (FLAT SURFACE)

a hard flat area of ground where helicopters can take off and land, or from which rockets are sent:

The hotel has its own helicopter pad.
Missiles have been launched from their pads deep in enemy territory.

one of the large, flat leaves of a water lily:

a lily pad

padverb [ T ]

uk /pæd/ us /pæd/ -dd-

to put pieces of soft material in something to make it soft, give it a different shape, or protect what is inside:

These boots are padded with shock-resistant foam.

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pad en inglés americano

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padnoun [ C ]

us /pæd/

pad noun [ C ] (PAPER)

a number of sheets of paper glued along one edge so that they can be easily carried about together but separated as needed:

He gave me a pencil and laid a pad on my bed for me to write on.

pad noun [ C ] (SOFT MATERIAL)

a flat piece of soft material used to protect a surface, to prevent injury to a person, or to give a fuller shape to clothing:

Hockey players wear these pillow-thick leg pads.
A carpet and pad on the floor help insulate against the cold.

pad noun [ C ] (HOUSE)

slang a person’s house or apartment:

a bachelor pad
noun [ U ] us /ˈpæd·ɪŋ/

We put some padding around the sides of the baby’s crib.


us /pæd/ -dd-

pad verb (WALK)

[ I ] to walk with a soft, light step:

She padded silently into his bedroom.


[ T ] If you pad a document or report, you add something extra that is unnecessary or not correct:

Lawyers occasionally pad their hours.

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pad en inglés de negocios

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padnoun [ C ]

uk /pæd/ us WORKPLACE

a number of pieces of paper that have been fastened together along one side, and used for writing or drawing on:

She took out a small pad and began to write.
a writing/memo/sketch pad

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padverb [ T ]

uk /pæd/ us -dd-

US to make something become or seem larger by adding things:

She accused those who advertise tobacco of padding their bank accounts by selling the health and future of our young people.
pad sth with sth The scheme involved padding customers' long-distance phone bills with fake charges.

Phrasal verb(s)

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