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paste en inglés británico

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pastenoun [ U ]

uk /peɪst/ us /peɪst/

paste noun [ U ] (STICKY SUBSTANCE)

a thick soft sticky substance made by mixing a liquid with a powder, especially to make a type of glue:

flour-and-water paste
wallpaper paste

a thick soft substance made by crushing and mixing things such as fish, fruit, or vegetables for food:

paste noun [ U ] (JEWEL MATERIAL)

a hard type of glass used to make artificial jewels:

Are these real diamonds or paste?


uk /peɪst/ us /peɪst/

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paste en inglés americano

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pastenoun [ U ]

us /peɪst/

a thick, wet substance used for sticking things together, or any soft, wet mixture of powder and liquid:

Use paste, glue, or tape to attach the pictures.
tomato paste

to stick something to something else:

She pasted a heart onto the valentine.

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paste en inglés de negocios

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pasteverb [ I or T ]

uk /peɪst/ us IT

to move text or pictures to a particular place in a computer document:

copy/cut and paste He had simply copied and pasted the numbers directly from the memo.

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