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peculiar en inglés británico

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uk /pɪˈkjuː.li.ər/ us /pɪˈkjuːˈkjuːl.jɚ/

peculiar adjective (STRANGE)

B2 unusual and strange, sometimes in an unpleasant way:

She has the most peculiar ideas.
What a peculiar smell!
It's peculiar that they didn't tell us they were going away.
UK The video on road accidents made me feel rather peculiar (= ill).

Más ejemplos

  • I stood up too quickly and came over all peculiar.
  • "She's a very funny woman." "Funny ha-ha or funny peculiar?"
  • This sauce smells really peculiar.
  • Helen's really nice but her husband's rather peculiar.
  • That's a rather peculiar outfit she's wearing!

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peculiar en inglés americano

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peculiaradjective [ not gradable ]

us /pɪˈkjul·jər/

peculiar adjective [ not gradable ] (STRANGE)

unusual and strange:

The copy editor will check type size and technical details to see if anything looks peculiar.

peculiar adjective [ not gradable ] (BELONGING TO)

characteristic especially of a particular person, group, or thing:

Katherine Hepburn’s way of talking was peculiar to her.

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