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perceiveverb [ T ]

uk /pəˈsiːv/ us /pɚ-/

perceive verb [ T ] (BELIEVE)

C1 to come to an opinion about something, or have a belief about something:

How do the French perceive the British?
Women's magazines are often perceived to be superficial.

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perceiveverb [ T ]

us /pərˈsiv/

perceive verb [ T ] (THINK OF)

to think of something in a particular way:

The way people perceive the real world is strongly influenced by the language they speak.
In those days, crime wasn’t even perceived as a problem.

perceive verb [ T ] (NOTICE)

to notice something or someone by using sight, sound, touch, taste, or smell:

I perceived something moving in the shadows.

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In this instance we are involved in an extremely valuable parliamentary procedure which does not involve endeavouring to adjust legal provisions to reality as we perceive it.
The frequency and increasing severity of violent acts show that the perpetrators and agitators will perceive the absence of legal consequences and the silent tolerance as tacit encouragement.
While in some countries lawyers are allowed to perceive a percentage of the compensation granted by the court to the victim, in others this system of percentages is forbidden.
Fifthly, more and more studies are implying that actual sources of fossil fuels are much smaller than we perceive them to be today.
Clearly, the way people living in a country’s heartland and central areas perceive border issues differs from how they are perceived by people living in border regions.
Therefore the sector will be able to exploit and increase the opportunities open to it in a situation which we perceive as being defined around five essential priorities.
They perceive things differently.
The internal market thrives on the fact that the consumers can depend on what they perceive to be valid legal norms.
Until such time as we have common competition legislation right around the world, all countries will probably feel a need to protect themselves against what they perceive as unfair trade.
The media, in many cases, present the truth not as it really is, but as certain media barons wish the public to perceive it as being.