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perch en inglés británico

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uk /pɜːtʃ/ us /pɝːtʃ/
perch in, on, etc. sth

to sit on or near the edge of something:

We perched on bar stools and had a beer.
A blackbird was perching on the gate.

[ I or T ] to be in a high position or in a position near the edge of something, or to put something in this position:

The village is perched on top of a high hill.


uk /pɜːtʃ/ us /pɝːtʃ/

perch noun (SEAT)

[ C ] a place where a bird sits, especially a thin rod in a cage (= wire box)

[ C ] a seat or other place high up, often giving a good view of something below:

We watched the parade from our perch on the scaffolding.

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perch en inglés americano

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perchverb [ I/T ]

us /pɜrtʃ/

(of a bird) to rest on a branch or other object, or of a person or thing to sit or be on the edge or top of something:

[ T ] A baseball cap, turned backwards, was perched on his head.
noun [ C ] us /pɜrtʃ/

From their perches in the towers, the prison guards could see the entire prison yard.

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