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pinnoun [ C ]

uk /pɪn/ us /pɪn/

pin noun [ C ] (METAL STICK)

B1 a small thin piece of metal with a point at one end, especially used for temporarily holding pieces of cloth together:

I'll keep the trouser patch in place with pins while I sew it on.

a thin piece of metal:

If you pull the pin out of a hand-grenade, it'll explode.
a two-pin/three-pin electrical plug
Doctors inserted a metal pin in his leg to hold the bones together.

a decorative object, used as jewellery:

a hat/tie pin

US a brooch

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pin noun [ C ] (IN CHESS)

specialized games In the game of chess, a pin is a special move that stops the other player from moving one of their pieces, because to move it will put another more valuable piece in danger:

That nasty pin stopped me from moving my knight.


uk /pɪn/ us /pɪn/ -nn-

pin verb (METAL STICK)

B1 [ T + adv/prep ] to fasten something with a pin:

A large picture of the president was pinned to/(up) on the office wall.
She had pinned up her beautiful long hair.

[ T ] US old-fashioned When a young man pins a young woman, he gives her a piece of jewellery to show that they love each other.

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PINnoun [ C ]

uk /pɪn/ us /pɪn/ also PIN number

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pin en inglés americano

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pinnoun [ C ]

us /pɪn/

pin noun [ C ] (FASTENER)

a thin piece of stiff wire with a pointed end that you can stick through two things to fasten them together:

Mary put a pin in her hair to hold her hat on.

A pin can also be decorative and used as jewelry:

She wore a beautiful gold pin on her coat.


us /pɪn/ -nn-

pin verb (HOLD FIRMLY)

[ T always + adv/prep ] to hold someone or something firmly in the same position or place:

After the earthquake there were several people pinned in the wreckage.
fig. No one could pin the label of "conservative" on him (= call him that).

pin verb (FASTENER)

[ T ] fastened:

She kept a map of Manhattan pinned on the wall.

PINnoun [ C ]

us /pɪn/

abbreviation for personal identification number (= a secret number that can be read by a computer to prove who you are):

I punched my PIN into the ATM machine and took out $100.

(Definición de pin del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

PIN en inglés de negocios

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PINnoun [ C ]

uk /pɪn/ us also PIN number BANKING

abbreviation for personal identification number: a secret number used with a bank card or credit card to get money from a cash machine or pay for goods in a store:

Please enter your PIN number.

(Definición de PIN del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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