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uk /paɪn/ us /paɪn/

B2 [ C or U ] also pine tree an evergreen tree (= one that never loses its leaves) that grows in cooler areas of the world:

a plantation of pines
a pine forest

[ U ] the wood of pine trees, usually pale in colour:

Pine is a softwood.

Más ejemplos

  • pine needles
  • vast expanses of sand and pine
  • Pine trees are not native to this part of the world.
  • The campsite is set in the middle of a pine forest.
  • I love the smell of pine trees.
adjective also piney uk /ˈpaɪ.ni/ us /ˈpaɪ.ni/

pineverb [ I ]

uk /paɪn/ us /paɪn/

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pine en inglés americano

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pinenoun [ C/U ]

us /pɑɪn/

pine noun [ C/U ] (TREE)

an evergreen tree that has thin leaves like needles and that grows in cool northern regions, or the wood of these trees

pine verb [ I always + adv/prep ] (DESIRE)

to strongly desire esp. something that is difficult or impossible to obtain:

Bradley pined for his wife, who was far away.

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