Significado de “plaster” - Diccionario Inglés

Significado de "plaster" - Diccionario Inglés

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uk /ˈplɑː.stər/ us /ˈplæs.tɚ/

plaster noun (SUBSTANCE)

[ U ] a substance that becomes hard as it dries and is used especially for spreading on walls and ceilings in order to give a smooth surface:

The plaster on the walls was cracked and flaking.
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in plaster UK US in a cast

If a part of your body is in plaster, it has a plaster cast around it to protect it while a broken bone repairs itself:

My leg was in plaster for about six weeks.

plaster noun (STICKY MATERIAL)

[ C or U ] UK UK also sticking plaster, US trademark Band-Aid a small piece of sticky cloth or plastic that you use to cover and protect a cut in the skin:

a box of waterproof plasters
Put a plaster on it so that it doesn't get infected.


uk /ˈplɑː.stər/ us /ˈplæs.tɚ/

[ T ] to spread plaster on a surface

[ T + adv/prep ] to make something stick in a flat smooth layer:

The torrential rain had plastered her hair to her head.

[ T usually + adv/prep ] informal to cover a surface or an object with something completely or thickly:

She had plastered her bedroom walls with photos of pop stars.
The car was plastered with mud.
The story was plastered all over (= printed so that it completely covered) the front page of the newspaper.

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noun [ U ] uk /ˈplɑː.stər.ɪŋ/ us /ˈplæs.tɚ.ɪŋ/

There's only the plastering left to be done.

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Significado de "plaster" - Diccionario Inglés Americano

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us /ˈplæs·tər/

plaster noun (WALL COVERING)

[ U ] a substance that is used esp. for spreading on walls and ceilings because it makes a smooth, hard surface after it dries

plaster noun (INJURY PROTECTION)

plasterverb [ T ]

us /ˈplæs·tər/

plaster verb [ T ] (PLACE WALL COVERING)

infml To plaster a surface or an object with something is to cover it completely or thickly:

She has plastered her bedroom walls with posters of pop singers.

(Definition of “plaster” from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)