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play at sth

phrasal verb with play uk /pleɪ/ us /pleɪ/ verb

to pretend to be a particular person or to do a particular thing, usually as a game:

The children were playing at Batman and Robin.

to do something for enjoyment or interest, or without much care and effort, rather than in a serious way or as a job:

She's only playing at being an actress - she's going off to law school next year.

Más ejemplos

  • She's still playing at being a professional singer.
  • He's not really interested in the kids, he's just playing at being the perfect father to impress his parents.
  • The kids have been playing at Doctors and Nurses all afternoon.
  • The classroom has a home corner where the children can play at being Mummies and Daddies.
  • You can't just play at being a mother, it's a lifelong commitment.

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