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please en inglés británico

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uk /pliːz/ us /pliːz/

A1 used to make a request more polite:

Could I have two coffees and a tea, please?
Please remember to close the windows before you leave.

used to add force to a request or demand:

Please, David, put the knife down.
Oh, please. Do shut up!

UK used especially by children to a teacher or other adult in order to get their attention:

Please, Miss, I know the answer!

A1 used when accepting something politely or enthusiastically:

"More potatoes?" "Please."
"May I bring my husband?" "Please do."
"Would you like dessert?" "Oh, yes please."

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uk /pliːz/ us /pliːz/

B1 [ I or T ] to make someone feel happy or satisfied, or to give someone pleasure:

I only got married to please my parents.
He was always a good boy, very friendly and eager to please.
[ + obj + to infinitive ] It always pleases me to see a well-designed book!

C2 [ I ] to want, like, or choose, when used with words such as "whatever", "whoever", and "anywhere":

She thinks she can just do whatever/as she pleases.
I shall go out with whoever I please.
if you please

formal used to express surprise and anger:

They want £200, if you please, just to replace a couple of broken windows!

old-fashioned or formal used to make a request more polite:

Take your seats, ladies and gentlemen, if you please.

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please en inglés americano

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us /pliz/

please exclamation (POLITE REQUEST)

commonly used in order to make a request more polite, or, sometimes, to make it stronger or urgent:

Could I please have some ketchup for my hamburger?
Please be sure to take all your personal belongings when you leave the train.
Please do as I say and don’t ask questions.
"Would you like some more salad?" "Please (= yes, I would)."

pleaseverb [ I/T ]

us /pliz/

please verb [ I/T ] (MAKE HAPPY)

to make someone feel happy or satisfied, or to give someone pleasure:

[ I/T ] He did what he could to please her, but she was hard to please.
[ T ] I’m pleased to report that sales have increased by 15%.
[ I ] She’ll listen to what you say, but in the end she’ll do as/what she pleases (= what she wants to do).

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