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pleasurenoun [ C or U ]

uk /ˈpleʒ.ər/ us /ˈpleʒ.ɚ/

B1 enjoyment, happiness, or satisfaction, or something that gives this:

His visits gave his grandparents such pleasure.
Why do so many boys take pleasure in torturing insects and small animals?
[ + to infinitive ] It was such a pleasure to meet you.
He wrote an article on the pleasures and pains of camping.
Coffee is one of my few pleasures.

Más ejemplos

  • His books are a pleasure to read because he writes with such clarity and precision.
  • It is a great pleasure to welcome you all here this evening.
  • She flushed with pleasure as she accepted the prize.
  • She chewed each delicious mouthful as slowly as she could, prolonging the pleasure.
  • Few things in this world give me more pleasure than a long bath.

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pleasure en inglés americano

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pleasurenoun [ C/U ]

us /ˈpleʒ·ər/

a feeling of enjoyment or satisfaction, or something that produces this feeling:

[ U ] The boy’s visits gave his grandparents a great deal of pleasure.
[ C usually sing ] It’s always a pleasure to see you.

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