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uk /plʌk/ us /plʌk/

pluck verb (REMOVE)

[ T ] to pull something, especially with a sudden movement, in order to remove it:

Caged birds sometimes pluck out their breast feathers.
He plucked the letter from/out of my hand, and ran off with it.
Do you pluck your eyebrows (= remove some of the hairs from them to give them a better shape)?

[ T ] to remove the feathers from a chicken or other bird so that it can be cooked and eaten

[ T usually passive ] to remove someone suddenly from a situation that is ordinary:

He was plucked from obscurity to star in the film.

[ T ] to remove someone quickly from a dangerous or difficult situation:

The last passengers were plucked from the ship just seconds before it sank.

[ T ] Indian English to collect flowers by breaking or cutting their stems; pick

plucknoun [ U ]

uk /plʌk/ us /plʌk/ informal

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pluck en inglés americano

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us /plʌk/

pluck verb (REMOVE)

[ T ] to remove something, esp. with a sudden movement:

Astronauts plan to use the shuttle’s robot arm to pluck the satellite out of space.

[ T ] If you pluck something, you remove hair or feathers from it by pulling:

She plucked her eyebrows.
I don’t think I could pluck a chicken.

pluck verb (PULL AT)

[ I/T ] to pull at something with your fingers and then release it:

[ T ] Jenkins’s idea of swinging is plucking violins.
[ I ] fig. Her stories are designed to pluck at your heartstrings.

plucknoun [ U ]

us /plʌk/

pluck noun [ U ] (BRAVERY)

bravery and a strong desire to succeed:

Her 80-plus years have not dulled her pluck.

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