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uk /pəʊz/ us /poʊz/

Phrasal verb(s)


uk /pəʊz/ us /poʊz/

pose noun (POSITION)

[ C ] a particular position in which a person stands, sits, etc. in order to be photographed, painted, etc.:

He adopted/assumed/struck (= moved into) an elegant pose.

pose noun (PRETENDING)

[ C usually singular ] an occasion when someone pretends to have qualities that they do not have:

She likes to appear as if she knows all about the latest films and art exhibitions, but it's all a pose (= she's pretending and it's not true).

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us /poʊz/

pose verb (CAUSE)

[ T ] to cause something, esp. a problem or difficulty:

Does this defendant really pose a threat to the community?

[ T ] To pose a question is to bring attention to a problem, often in the form of a question:

Joanna poses the question, "How do we accomplish these goals?"

pose verb (POSITION)

[ I ] to move into and stay in a particular position, usually so that you can be photographed or have your picture drawn or painted:

We all posed for our photographs in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

pose verb (PRETEND)

[ I ] to pretend to be someone else in order to deceive others:

The detective posed as a sailor to try to catch the smugglers.

posenoun [ C ]

us /poʊz/

pose noun [ C ] (POSITION)

the position in which someone stands or sits when posing:

Can you hold that pose?

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