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positively en inglés británico

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uk /ˈpɒz.ə.tɪ us /ˈpɑː.zə.t̬ɪ

positively adverb (WELL)

B2 in a good or positive way:

I don't respond very positively to being bossed around - it just makes me angry.

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positively adverb (COMPLETELY)

informal used to emphasize something, especially something that is unexpected:

That sales assistant was positively rude to me!

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positively en inglés americano

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positively adverb (CERTAINLY)

us /ˈpɑz·ə·t̬ɪv·li/ without a doubt; certainly:

I positively will be there.

positively adverb (HAPPILY)

us /ˈpɑz·ət̬·ɪv·li/ with willingness to agree; happily :

I just don’t respond positively to being bossed around.

positively adverb (WITH ELECTRICITY)

physics us /ˈpɑz·ə·t̬ɪv·li/ with the type of electrical charge carried by protons:

positively charged

positively adverb (COMPLETELY)

/ˈpɑz·ə·t̬ɪv·li/ [ not gradable ] (used to add force to an expression) completely:

You look positively gorgeous in that outfit!

(Definición de positively del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)