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uk /pɒt/ us /pɑːt/

pot noun (CONTAINER)

B1 [ C ] any of various types of container, usually round, especially one used for cooking food:

Fill a large pot with salted water and bring it to the boil.
There's plenty of cupboard space in the kitchen for all your pots and pans.
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B1 [ C ] mainly UK any of different types of containers, with or without a lid, especially for storing food or liquids:

a pot of cream/jam/paint/ink

B1 [ C ] a flowerpot :

Most lilies grow well in pots.

[ C ] the amount that is contained inside a pot:

I've just drunk a whole pot of tea!
She'd made a large pot of chicken soup.

[ C ] used in combination to refer to a container of a stated type:

a coffee pot
a cooking pot

[ C ] a dish, bowl, etc. made by hand out of clay

pots of sth

a large amount of something:

She's got pots of money (= she's very rich).

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pot noun (HIT BALL)

[ C ] UK an act of hitting a ball into a hole, especially in games such as snooker:

Dawson made a difficult pot look very easy.


uk /pɒt/ us /pɑːt/ -tt-

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pot en inglés americano

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potnoun [ C ]

us /pɑt/

pot noun [ C ] (CONTAINER)

a round container used for cooking, serving, storing, and other purposes:

a clay/brass pot
a flower pot
We need space for our pots and pans.

A pot is also the substance contained in a pot:

The pot was simmering.
He made a new pot of coffee.

pot noun [ C ] (AMOUNT)

infml a large amount, esp. of money:

There are pots of money involved in this deal.

infml A pot is also all the money being risked at a single time in a card game.

potverb [ T ]

us /pɑt/ -tt-

pot verb [ T ] (CONTAIN)

to put a plant into a pot:

We should be potting the roses.

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pot en inglés de negocios

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potnoun [ C ]

uk /pɒt/ us FINANCE

an amount of money available for something:

in the pot This could mean an extra £10,000 in the pot compared to a traditional pension.
a pot of sth The new cash will be added to a pot of $200 million in federal grants.
He cautioned that the center only has a small pot of money allocated to it.

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