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uk /ˈpaʊ.dər/ us /ˈpaʊ.dɚ/

B1 [ C or U ] a loose, dry substance that consists of extremely small pieces, usually made by breaking something up and crushing it:

curry/chilli powder
talcum powder
A packet of white powder was found and police scientists are analysing it.
You'll get more flavour from the spices if you grind them into a powder.
UK Why are there so many adverts for washing powders on TV?
You can buy milk in powder form.
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[ U ] a soft, dry substance that is spread over the skin of the face, in order to stop the skin from looking shiny:

face powder
Dust the face lightly with powder.

[ U ] fallen snow that is loose and dry and has not begun to melt:

I love skiing in deep powder.

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adjective uk /ˈpaʊ.dər.i/ us /ˈpaʊ.dɚ.i/

The snow was fresh and powdery.

powderverb [ T ]

uk /ˈpaʊ.dər/ us /ˈpaʊ.dɚ/

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powder en inglés americano

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powdernoun [ C/U ]

us /ˈpɑʊ·dər/

a loose, dry substance of extremely small pieces, usually made by breaking up something into smaller parts and crushing them

Powder is also any of various loose, dry, usually pleasant-smelling substances that people put on their skin as a help in healing or as makeup:

[ U ] talcum powder

Powder is also gunpowder.

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