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praise en inglés

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praiseverb [ T ]

uk /preɪz/ us /preɪz/

praisenoun [ U ]

uk /preɪz/ us /preɪz/

praise noun [ U ] (APPROVAL)

C1 things that you say that express your admiration and approval of someone or something:

They deserve praise for all their hard work.
Praise from Adrian is (high) praise indeed. (= praise from him is particularly special because he rarely praises anyone.)

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praise en inglés americano

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praiseverb [ T ]

us /preɪz/

praise verb [ T ] (SHOW APPROVAL)

to express strong admiration for or approval of a person or something done:

The "Times" praised the mayor’s decision to reappoint the parks commissioner.

praise verb [ T ] (WORSHIP GOD)

to honor, worship, and express admiration for (God or a god):

Praise God/the Lord.
noun [ U ] us /preɪz/

His economic policies have won praise from fellow Republicans.

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The rapporteur deserves praise, even from me.
We are being up front with our praise and you may be sure that we shall seek to exercise strict control in the future.
The rapporteur deserves our praise for this.
We already know that within a few years essentially all the funds within the agricultural policy will be covered by this very effective system, which definitely deserves praise.
I have nothing but congratulations and praise.
The disadvantage is that when we really have some genuine praise to give, it does not come with the force that is deserved.
We are facing a kind of evaluation, and the time has come to hand out a little praise, and of course a small amount of criticism, too.
I would like to praise her approach and to add that, indeed, action should always take practical as well as legal form.
Equally worthy of praise is the focus on granting local autonomy and adopting an anti-discrimination law, as well as on making a commitment to gender equality.
We praise those who found the words.

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