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praise en inglés británico

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praiseverb [ T ]

uk /preɪz/ us /preɪz/

praisenoun [ U ]

uk /preɪz/ us /preɪz/

praise noun [ U ] (APPROVAL)

C1 things that you say that express your admiration and approval of someone or something:

They deserve praise for all their hard work.
Praise from Adrian is (high) praise indeed. (= praise from him is particularly special because he rarely praises anyone.)

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praise en inglés americano

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praiseverb [ T ]

us /preɪz/

praise verb [ T ] (SHOW APPROVAL)

to express strong admiration for or approval of a person or something done:

The "Times" praised the mayor’s decision to reappoint the parks commissioner.

praise verb [ T ] (WORSHIP GOD)

to honor, worship, and express admiration for (God or a god):

Praise God/the Lord.
noun [ U ] us /preɪz/

His economic policies have won praise from fellow Republicans.

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