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pre-payadjective [ before noun ]

also prepay uk us

UK COMMUNICATIONS relating to a mobile phone service that you pay for before making calls, rather than receiving an invoice for them later:

Even the most basic pre-pay phone will enable you to make and receive calls and texts.
Sales surged 37% thanks partly to prepay customers buying new handsets.

pre-paynoun [ U ]


a mobile phone service that you pay for before making calls:

Camera and videophone technology are available at good prices on pre-pay.


uk us

[ I or T ] MARKETING, COMMERCE to pay for a product or service before you receive it:

Reservations will go only to those willing to prepay for their rooms.

[ T ] FINANCE to pay back all or part of a debt before you have to:

When homeowners refinance or prepay their loans, investors get their money back sooner than expected, reducing the bonds' returns.

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