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uk /priːtʃ/ us /priːtʃ/

preach verb (ADVISE)

[ I ] disapproving to give unwanted advice, especially about moral matters, in a boring way:

He's such a pain - he's always preaching about the virtues of working hard and getting up early.
My mother's always preaching at/to me about keeping my room tidy.

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preach en inglés americano

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preachverb [ I/T ]

us /pritʃ/

preach verb [ I/T ] (SPEAK IN CHURCH)

to give a religious speech:

[ T ] The minister preached a sermon on the need for forgiveness.

preach verb [ I/T ] (PERSUADE)

to try to persuade other people to do or accept something:

[ T ] Should Liddy be allowed to preach hatred?

To preach is also to try to persuade other people to have particular beliefs or behave in particular ways:

[ I ] My mother’s always preaching at me about studying harder.

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