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precisely en inglés británico

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uk /prɪˈsaɪ us /prəˈsaɪ

precisely adverb (EXACTLY)

B2 exactly:

The fireworks begin at eight o'clock precisely.
What do you think the problem is, precisely?

B2 used to emphasize what you are saying:

"You look tired - you should go home and rest." "I'm going to do precisely that."
But it's precisely because of the noise that they're thinking of moving.

C1 used to express complete agreement with someone or suggest that what they have said is obvious:

"It would be stupid to attempt the journey in the dark." "Precisely!" he answered.

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precisely en inglés americano

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us /prɪˈsɑɪs·li/

Precisely is also used to emphasize the accuracy of what you are saying:

Armed conflict is precisely what the government is trying to avoid.

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