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prescribe en inglés británico

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uk /prɪˈskraɪb/ us /prɪˈskraɪb/

prescribe verb (GIVE MEDICINE)

C2 [ T often passive ] (of a doctor) to say what medical treatment someone should have:

The drug is often prescribed for ulcers.
[ + two objects ] I've been prescribed painkillers.

Más ejemplos

  • The doctor prescribed some pills.
  • The doctor prescribed some medicine and told her to have a week's rest.
  • I hoped he would prescribe some stronger pain killers.
  • Is there anything stronger you can prescribe?
  • He wouldn't prescribe anything - just recommended rest.

prescribe verb (MAKE RULE)

[ T ] formal to tell someone what they must have or do, or to make a rule of something:

Penalties for not paying taxes are prescribed by law.
[ + that ] The law prescribes that all children must go to school.
[ + question word ] Grammatical rules prescribe how words may be used together.

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prescribe en inglés americano

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prescribeverb [ T ]

us /prɪˈskrɑɪb/

prescribe verb [ T ] (GIVE MEDICAL TREATMENT)

to order treatment for someone, or to say what someone should do or use to treat an illness or injury:

Many doctors prescribe aspirin to forestall second heart attacks.
My doctor prescribed rest and gave me a painkiller for my knee.

prescribe verb [ T ] (GIVE RULE)

to tell someone what he or she must have or do, or to give as a rule:

A secretary of education cannot and should not prescribe the curriculum of the nation’s colleges.

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