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pro en inglés británico

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pronoun [ C ]

uk /prəʊ/ us /proʊ/ plural pros

proadjective, preposition

uk /prəʊ/ us /proʊ/


uk /prəʊ-/ us /proʊ-/

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pro en inglés americano

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pronoun [ C ]

us /proʊ/ plural pros

pro noun [ C ] (SPORTS PERSON)

infml a person who receives money for playing a sport:

a tennis pro

infml A pro is also someone who is very good at something:

Debbie is a real pro at arranging flowers.

pro noun [ C ] (ADVANTAGE)

an advantage or a reason for doing something:

I made a list of all the pros and cons (= advantages and disadvantages) of each school before I made my decision.


us /proʊ/

supporting or approving of something:


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PRO en inglés de negocios

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PROnoun [ C ]

uk us

HR abbreviation for public relations officer


uk /prəʊ-/ us

supporting or approving of something:

Traditionally, the Republican Party is perceived to be more pro-business.

pronoun [ C ]

uk /prəʊ/ us

an advantage or reason for doing something:

We had to weigh up the pros and cons of outsourcing the work.

informal professional noun


uk /prəʊ/ us

informal →  professional adjective

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