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uk /ˈprɒb.ə.bli/ us /ˈprɑː.bə.bli/

A2 used to mean that something is very likely:

I'll probably be home by midnight.
I'm probably going - it depends on the weather.
He probably didn't even notice.
Probably the best thing to do is to call them before you go.

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The harm suffered by the luxury goods industry is just the visible tip of the iceberg, probably also the least dangerous part.
Secondly, and probably more important, between our citizens and ourselves it will finally deliver a transparent system of expenses based on actual cost.
I believe this to be very important and that at the appropriate time it will probably require a resolution and debate directly dedicated to this issue.
Certain elements of the aforesaid ‘business community’ will probably enjoy financial spin-offs from this matter, for the agency will call upon their services to deliver information security.
Indeed, we do not need any more centralised bodies, which would probably mean more red tape - we need road safety policies.
American companies will probably also appreciate in the long term that they are missing something by not being involved in this development.
Compared to the other sectors, agriculture can afford to present the margin of error of 3%, although this is probably still far too high.
All of this indicates therefore that we not only need more vigorous quantitative measures but that we probably need a different qualitative focus.
The conclusion which we draw from this draft regulation is that it is probably an attempt to cover up the situation.
As has already been expressed in other criticism, this is probably once again a case of outstanding payments, unnecessarily complicated procedures for financial control and a fragmentation of efforts.