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procure en inglés americano

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procureverb [ T ]

us /prəˈkjʊr, proʊ-/

to obtain something, esp. after an effort:

We procured maps and directions from the tourist office.
noun [ U ] us /prəˈkjʊr·mənt, proʊ-/

the city’s procurement process

(Definición de procure del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

procure en inglés de negocios

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procureverb [ T ]

uk /prəˈkjʊər/ us formal

to get something, especially when it involves effort:

procure capital/funds/financing Low interest rates support bonds by making it cheaper for investors to procure funds and invest in fixed-income securities.
A small car manufacturer may produce its own engines, but it may also procure them from a larger firm.

(Definición de procure del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)