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uk /prəˈdʌk.tɪv/ us /prəˈdʌk.tɪv/

B2 resulting in or providing a large amount or supply of something:

In order to turn the deserts into fertile and productive land, engineers built an 800-mile canal.
He had an amazingly productive five years in which he managed to write four novels.

B2 having positive results:

We had a very productive meeting - I felt we solved lots of problems.
Theirs was a very productive partnership.

specialized education , language relating to the ability to produce language, rather than just understand it:

The English-speaking children's productive vocabularies ranged from 2 to 31 words.

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adverb uk /prəˈdʌk.tɪ us /prəˈdʌk.tɪ

Their working system is based on the belief that people work more productively (= produce better results) in a team.

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productive en inglés americano

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us /prəˈdʌk·tɪv/

causing or providing a good result or a large amount of something:

We had a very productive meeting – a lot of problems were solved.
What was once desert has become productive farmland.
adverb us /prəˈdʌk·tɪv·li/

Her students worked less productively than the teacher hoped.

(Definición de productive del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

productive en inglés de negocios

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uk /prəˈdʌktɪv/ us

PRODUCTION, ECONOMICS producing a large number of goods, crops, profit, etc. or doing a lot of work:

productive farmland/sector/economy The only remaining option is to switch underemployed workers from agriculture to more productive sectors.
productive worker/employee/citizen The idea was to reward France's highly productive workers with shorter working hours.

WORKPLACE, MEETINGS achieving good results:

The negotiations were reported to have been "very productive."
a productive day's work
a productive meeting/conversation/discussion You can't have a productive discussion if people aren't listening to each other.

PRODUCTION relating to production of goods:

There is a great demand for water for productive purposes.
The diagram shows the productive structure of the firm.

(Definición de productive del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)