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projection en inglés británico

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uk /prəˈdʒek.ʃən/ us /prəˈdʒek.ʃən/

(Definición de projection del Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

projection en inglés americano

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projectionnoun [ C ]

us /prəˈdʒek·ʃən/

projection noun [ C ] (CALCULATION)

an amount or result expected in the future that is calculated from information already known:

Sales projections made last year were too optimistic.

projection noun [ C ] (STICKING OUT)

something that sticks out beyond the edge of something to which it is attached:

It was a strange-looking house, with little projections off the sides.

projection noun [ C ] (IMAGE)

a picture that is made to appear on a surface, esp. by a special device for showing movies or other images on a screen or other surface:

[ C ] A projection of his face appeared on the back wall.

(Definición de projection del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

projection en inglés de negocios

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projectionnoun [ C ]

uk /prəʊˈdʒekʃən/ us /prəˈdʒekʃən/

a calculation or guess about the future based on information that you have:

The strong sales caused the company to boost its industry sales projection for the year.
a projection for sth The company's global projections for the year indicated that it would soon be the world's largest car company.
It was too early to start making specific projections about plans or projects he would like to undertake.
It revised revenue projections for the remainder of the financial year.
Maguire believed that the growth projections used for marketing purposes were not achievable.
The President bragged that his push has resulted in 825,000 new jobs, more than 30% ahead of even the government's optimistic projections.

(Definición de projection del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)