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uk /prəˈməʊt/ us /prəˈmoʊt/

promote verb (ENCOURAGE)

B2 [ T ] to encourage people to like, buy, use, do, or support something:

Advertising companies are always having to think up new ways to promote products.
The Institute is intended to promote an understanding of the politics and culture of the Arab world.
Greenpeace works to promote awareness of the dangers that threaten our planet today.
It has long been known that regular exercise promotes all-round good health.

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promote verb (RAISE)

B1 [ T often passive ] to raise someone to a higher or more important position or rank:

If I'm not promoted within the next two years, I'm going to change jobs.
She's just been promoted to senior sales rep.

[ T ] UK to move a sports team to a higher group:

If Coventry City win this match, they'll be promoted to the Premier League.

[ T often passive ] US If a student is promoted, he or she goes up to the next level in school.

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promote en inglés americano

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promoteverb [ T ]

us /prəˈmoʊt/

promote verb [ T ] (ADVERTISE)

to advertise something in order to sell it:

The new model cars are being heavily promoted on television.

promote verb [ T ] (ENCOURAGE)

to encourage or support something, or to help something become successful:

A new campaign has been launched to promote safe driving.

promote verb [ T ] (ADVANCE)

to advance someone to a more important rank or position:

She was promoted to division manager last year.

A student who is promoted advances to the next grade (= level of schooling).

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promoteverb [ T ]

uk /prəˈməʊt/ us

MARKETING to encourage people to buy or want something, through advertising, offers of lower prices, special events, etc.:

Marks was there promoting his new book.
The vaccine is being heavily promoted by its maker.
The guide has been designed to promote sales of their financial products.

GOVERNMENT, COMMERCE, ECONOMICS to encourage the existence or development of something:

HR, WORKPLACE to give someone a higher or more important job or rank:

Before being promoted, she worked as a senior manager for 15 years.
promote sb to sth In August, he was promoted to the homicide division.

STOCK MARKET to start listing (= giving the price of) a company's shares on a more important stock index (= system that shows changes of the average prices of shares on a particular stock market):

promote sth to sth All eight companies are to be promoted to the FTSE 100 index.

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