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property en inglés británico

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uk /ˈprɒp.ə.ti/ us /ˈprɑː.pɚ.t̬i/

property noun (THINGS OWNED)

B1 [ U ] an object or objects that belong to someone:

The club does not accept responsibility for loss of or damage to club members' personal property.
Both books have "Government property" stamped inside them.
Children need to be taught to have respect for other people's property.

B2 [ C or U ] a building or area of land, or both together:

He owns a number of properties on the south coast.
The notice said "Private property - keep off!"
Yes, I've bought my own house - I'm now a man/woman of property!

[ U ] specialized law the legal right to own and use something

Más ejemplos

  • The new tax system would be calculated on the value of property owned by an individual.
  • Apparently he was sacked after he was caught stealing company property.
  • The police impounded cars and other personal property belonging to the drug dealers.
  • The fire resulted in damage to their property.
  • In an auction, goods or property are sold to the highest bidder.

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property en inglés americano

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us /ˈprɑp·ər·t̬i/

property noun (THINGS OWNED)

[ C/U ] a thing or things owned by someone; a possession or possessions:

[ U ] The books are the property of the public library.

[ C/U ] Property is also land and buildings:

[ C ] He owns some valuable waterfront properties.

property noun (QUALITY)

[ C ] a quality that something has:

Wool has excellent properties for clothing, since it can keep you warm while letting air in.

science [ C ] A property is also a particular physical or chemical characteristic of a substance.

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property en inglés de negocios

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uk /ˈprɒpəti/ us

[ U ] LAW an object or objects that belong to someone:

They haven't yet learnt to respect people's property.
Accepting stolen property is against the law.
The phones are considered to be the property of the company.

[ C ] plural properties PROPERTY a building or area of land that someone owns:

The number of properties coming on to the market in June increased at the fastest rate since May last year.
buy/sell a property When the owner died, the family sold the property.
a hotel/retail/office property

[ U ] PROPERTY buildings and land, considered as things to be bought and sold:

They made their money in property.
buy/invest in/own property The university owns a lot of property in this part of town.
The expense to each property owner will be more than $200,000.
Property prices are very high in that area.

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