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provider en inglés británico

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providernoun [ C ]

uk /prəˈvaɪ.dər/ us /prəˈvaɪ.dɚ/

C1 someone who provides something:

an internet service provider
The bank is now a major provider of financial services to industry.
Until her illness, she was the main provider (= earned most of the money) in the family.

Más ejemplos

  • the UK's largest internet access provider
  • The company is the largest provider of employment in the town.

(Definición de provider del Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

provider en inglés de negocios

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providernoun [ C ]

uk /prəˈvaɪdər/ us

a company or organization that sells a particular type of product or service:

provider of sth The energy group is the biggest provider of wind farms in the UK.
the leading/largest/biggest provider (of sth) The French firm is one of the leading providers of outdoor advertising space.

also internet service provider, also service provider INTERNET, IT a company that provides internet connections and services:

They are the largest cable-based provider outside the US with 300,000 subscribers.

(Definición de provider del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)