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puff en inglés británico

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uk /pʌf/ us /pʌf/


uk /pʌf/ us /pʌf/

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puff en inglés americano

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us /pʌf/

puff verb (BREATHE)

[ I ] to breathe quickly and with a lot of force, usually as a result of an activity that needs a lot of physical effort:

Ricardo was puffing hard after he raced up five flights of stairs.

[ I ] To puff is also to breathe in and blow out smoke from a cigarette, cigar (= rolled tobacco), or pipe (= device for smoking).

puff verb (SWELL)

[ I/T ] to swell or increase in size:

[ T ] One eye was puffed and her cheek was bruised dark as a coal smear.
[ T ] The child held a deep breath and puffed her cheeks until they turned red.

puffnoun [ C ]

us /pʌf/

puff noun [ C ] (SMALL BURST)

a small burst of smoke, air, or something that can rise into the air in a small cloud:

We felt a puff of wind as the door open and closed.

puff noun [ C ] (CAKE)

a small, round cake or other food, esp. one made from pastry with a filling inside:

a cream puff

puff noun [ C ] (BREATHE)

an act of puffing out air, often with a soft sound

A puff is also an act of breathing in and blowing out smoke.

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puff en inglés de negocios

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puffnoun [ C ]

uk /pʌf/ us also US puff piece MARKETING

a piece of writing that praises or advertises a product:

They asked me to write a puff for her latest book.
a puff (piece) on sth He's gone to New York to do a puff piece on a starlet.

puffverb [ T ]

uk /pʌf/ us MARKETING

to praise or advertise a product in order to increase sales:

He was at the festival to puff his new movie.

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