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pull (sb/sth) out en inglés británico

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pull (sb/sth) out

phrasal verb with pull uk /pʊl/ us /pʊl/ verb


If soldiers or military forces pull out or are pulled out, they move out of an area because they have been ordered to.


  • I can't believe he pulled out at the very last minute.
  • British troops were hastily pulled out of Iraq.
  • Kernwell are pulling out of the deal.
  • Now they've suddenly decided to pull out of the agreement.
  • Joe's injury is causing problems so I'm pulling him out of the team.

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pull sb/sth out en inglés de negocios

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pull sb/sth out

phrasal verb with pull uk /pʊl/ us verb [ T ]

to remove someone or something from an activity:

We can cut project costs by pulling out all non-essential staff.

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