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uk /kwɪk/ us /kwɪk/

A2 happening or done with great speed, or lasting only a short time:

It's a quick journey.
I had a quick coffee and left the house.
I only had time for a quick glance at the paper this morning.
He scored three goals in quick succession (= one after the other in a short time).
Could I have a quick word (= speak to you for a short time)?
Quick as lightning (= very quickly), he snatched the book and ran out of the room.

A1 doing something fast:

I tried to catch him but he was too quick for me.
be quick to do sth

to do something fast, sometimes too fast:

She was quick to point out that it wasn't her fault.

B1 used to describe someone who is clever and understands or notices things quickly:

She was quick at understanding what we wanted her to do.
He has a quick mind.
Donna's quick thinking (= ability to solve problems with speed) averted what could have been a disaster.
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a quick study US informal

someone who is able to learn things quickly:

He's a quick study and easily grasps all the details of a discussion.
quick and dirty

produced quickly and therefore not perfect:

The original solution was admittedly quick and dirty.
a quick and dirty way to evaluate an investment

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noun [ U ] /ˈkwɪk.nəs/ /ˈkwɪk.nəs/

the quickness of his movements
her quickness to understand


uk /kwɪk/ us /kwɪk/


/kwɪk/ /kwɪk/ /kwɪk/ NOT STANDARD

quicknoun [ U ]

uk /kwɪk/ us /kwɪk/

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quick en inglés americano

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quickadjective [ -er/-est only ]

us /kwɪk/

done, happening, or moving fast; lasting only a short time:

She cast a quick glance in the mirror.
You’re back already – that was quick!
He made a quick profit.
[ + to infinitive ] John was quick to point out the error.
adverb us /kwɪk/

not standard

We bought it quick, before someone else could.
exclamation us /kwɪk/

Quick! Close the door before the dog gets out!
adverb us /ˈkwɪk·li/

Emergency workers were on the scene quickly.
noun [ U ] us /ˈkwɪk·nəs/

She moves with quickness, balance, and grace.

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