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uk /ræp/ us /ræp/


uk /ræp/ us /ræp/ -pp-

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us /ræp/ -pp-

rap verb (HIT)

[ I/T ] to hit suddenly and forcefully:

[ I ] We heard him rap on the door.
[ T ] She rapped the table to get everyone’s attention.

rap verb (MUSIC)

[ I ] to perform the type of popular music of African-American origin that features rhythmic speaking set to a strong beat:

On his new album he raps about his hard life and hard times.


us /ræp/

rap noun (MUSIC)

rap noun (ACCUSATION)

[ C usually sing ] slang an accusation that someone has committed a crime, or punishment for a crime

rap noun (REPUTATION)

[ C usually sing ] slang a judgment, report, or reputation:

The smell of the Great Salt Lake has given it a bad rap.

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