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uk /reɪ/ us /reɪ/

ray noun (BEAM)

B2 [ C ] a narrow beam of light, heat, etc. travelling in a straight line from its place of origin:

A ray of sunshine shone through a gap in the clouds.
Light rays bend as they pass from air to water.
catch some/a few rays informal

to stay outside in the sun for a period of time:

I'm going out to catch a few rays before lunch.

Más ejemplos

  • The room was small and dark, without so much as a ray of light to brighten the gloom.
  • The letter offered us a ray of hope.
  • The alarm emits infra-red rays which are used to detect any intruder.
  • Through the window came the last few oblique rays of evening sunshine.
  • A few rays of sunlight pierced the smoke.


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ray en inglés americano

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raynoun [ C ]

us /reɪ/

ray noun [ C ] (BEAM)

physics a narrow beam of light, heat, or energy

ray noun [ C ] (LINE)

geometry half of a line

ray noun [ C ] (AMOUNT)

a slight amount or signal of something good:

One couple seems interested in buying our house, which is a ray of hope after all these months.

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