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uk /riː/ us /riː/

renoun [ S ]

also ray uk /reɪ/ us /reɪ/


uk /riː-/ /ri-/ /rɪ-/ us /riː-/ /ri-/ /rɪ-/

used to add the meaning "do again", especially to verbs:

returning something to its original state:

the regreening of our country (= making it green again by planting trees, allowing grass to grow, etc.)


uk /ər/ us /ɚ/

short form of are:

You're late.

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us /ri, reɪ/

(esp. in business letters) about; on the subject of:

Re your memo July 10, I have indeed received the order.


us /ri/

used esp. with verbs to add the meaning "do again":

reactivate; reactivation; reassess; reassessment; reassign; recommence; re-create; redistribute; redistribution; redraft; reevaluate; reevaluation; refocus; reformulate; reformulation; reinterpret; reinterpretation; reinvest; reinvestment; reoccur; reorient; reorientation

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Renoun [ U ]

uk us

abbreviation for reinsurance : used in the names of companies that deal with reinsurance:

According to its website, Swiss Re is a leading risk carrier and worldwide provider of financial services.


uk /reɪ/ us /riː/

COMMUNICATIONS, INTERNET used in the subject line of an email to show that you are replying to an email that was sent to you with the same title. If you reply to an email, this word is automatically added to the reply the person you are emailing receives:

The email was titled "Re: Our Meeting Next Week."

COMMUNICATIONS used in business letters to refer to a letter or something in a letter you have received and are replying to:

Re your communication of 15 February...


uk /riː-/ us

added in front of words to mean "again":


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