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reconcileverb [ T ]

uk /ˈrek.ən.saɪl/ us /ˈrek.ən.saɪl/

C2 to find a way in which two situations or beliefs that are opposed to each other can agree and exist together:

It is sometimes difficult to reconcile science and religion.
It's difficult to reconcile such different points of view.
How can you reconcile your fur coat and/with your love of animals?
be reconciled

When two people are reconciled, they become friendly again after they have argued:

They were finally reconciled with each other, after not speaking for nearly five years.

Phrasal verb(s)

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reconcileverb [ T ]

us /ˈrek·ənˌsɑɪl/

to adjust the way you think about a fact or situation that is opposed to another fact or situation so that you can accept both:

How do we reconcile the seemingly contradictory notions of cutting taxes and balancing the budget?

If two people are reconciled, they become friendly again after having argued so seriously that they kept apart:

After two years of not speaking to one another, the two brothers were finally reconciled.

To reconcile yourself to a situation is to accept it even if it is unpleasant or painful, because it cannot be changed:

He has reconciled himself to the loss of the election and is moving on.

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reconcileverb [ I or T ]

uk /ˈrekənsaɪl/ us

ACCOUNTING to compare different financial accounts, amounts, etc. in order to check that they add up to the same total or to explain any differences between them:

They've got all the paperwork and they're now trying to reconcile the various figures.
reconcile sth with sth We need to reconcile all transactions with the bank statements and cancelled cheques.
I just couldn't get the numbers to reconcile.

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I should like to finish by congratulating the rapporteur on his effort to reconcile opposing views and ensure that the procedure for approving the programme will be completed shortly.
Education and care for young children, which are widely accessible, inclusive and of high quality, help first of all to reconcile family and working life.
They often put off this decision because of their unfavourable financial situation, problems with finding work or the need to reconcile work with family life.
Clearly this compromise does not fully satisfy everyone involved, but it does represent an attempt to reconcile a range of aims and points of view.
Last but not least, the gender mainstreaming policy and the need to reconcile family life and work must become part of the overall policy to promote lifelong learning.
We must encourage their participation in the labour market, which will remain a utopian ideal unless active measures to reconcile family life with professional life are adopted.
How can we reconcile these two requirements?
I appreciate that differences of perspective mean that it will not always be possible to reconcile views expressed in the lead committee and other committees.
Secondly, how do you intend to reconcile access to our market for developing countries with the protection of our fisheries and agri-food industry sectors?
Activities relating to care of the elderly, or those stemming from the need to reconcile professional and family life are clear examples.