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red en inglés británico

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uk /red/ us /red/ redder, reddest

A1 of the colour of fresh blood:

The dress was bright red.

A2 used to describe hair that is an orange-brown colour

go/turn (bright) red

B2 If you go/turn red, your face becomes red because you are angry or embarrassed:

Look, you've embarrassed him - he's gone bright red!

If your eyes are red, the white part of your eyes and the skin around your eyes is red, because of crying, tiredness, too much alcohol, etc.

Más ejemplos

noun [ U ] uk /ˈred.nəs/ us /ˈred.nəs/

Her scar healed, but the redness remained for a long time.

rednoun [ C or U ]

uk /red/ us /red/

Rednoun [ C ]

uk /red/ us /red/ mainly disapproving

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red en inglés americano

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redadjective, noun [ C/U ]

us /red/ -dd-

(of) the color of fresh blood:

red gloves
[ U ] She wore red.
[ C ] These reds don’t match.

physics Red is also the color of light with the longest waves that humans can see.


world history a communist (= a person who believes in shared ownership of property and control of the methods of production)

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red en inglés de negocios

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uk /red/ us
in the red

FINANCE a company or organization that is in the red has lost money in a particular period:

Currently the group is in the red by $1.7 million.

STOCK MARKET shares that are in the red have fallen in value:

Almost all stocks on the FTSE 250 were in the red and the index finished 426.8 points lower.

BANKING a bank account that is in the red has an amount that is less than zero:

Increasing numbers of people are finding their bank balances in the red once they've paid their monthly bills.
into the red

FINANCE, BANKING into a situation where you are losing money after making a profit:

go/fall/slide into the red Many technology firms have fallen deep into the red after a collapse in revenues from the telecoms industry.

STOCK MARKET if a stock market goes into the red, it falls to a value that is below the one at which it started:

go/fall/slide into the red Stock markets slid into the red by late morning.


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