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redeem en inglés británico

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uk /rɪˈdiːm/ us /rɪˈdiːm/

redeem verb (IMPROVE)

[ T ] formal to make something or someone seem less bad:

A poor game was redeemed in the second half by a superb performance from Anthony Edwards.
He was an hour late, but he redeemed himself in her eyes by giving her a huge bunch of flowers.
She took me to see a really dull film, the only redeeming feature of which (= the only thing which prevented it from being completely bad) was the soundtrack.

redeem verb (RELIGION)

[ T ] (in Christianity) to free people from sin:

"Jesus," said the priest, "saved and redeemed mankind by taking our sins upon himself."

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redeem en inglés americano

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redeemverb [ T ]

us /rɪˈdim/

redeem verb [ T ] (IMPROVE)

to improve yourself, or to take action to improve the way other people think of you or something you have done:

After his poor performance in the golf tournament two weeks before, he was determined to redeem himself by playing well.
Very few TV talk shows have any redeeming values (= have good qualities that make their bad qualities less important).

redeem verb [ T ] (BUY BACK)

to buy back something, or to exchange something for money or for goods or services:

You can redeem the bond at any time, but you will lose some interest.

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redeem en inglés de negocios

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redeemverb [ T ]

uk /rɪˈdiːm/ us

FINANCE, STOCK MARKET to exchange shares or bonds for cash:

Class B Shares are subject to a sales charge if they are redeemed within six years of purchase.
Private investors will have to pay their own dealing fees to redeem / their holdings.

FINANCE to pay back a loan:

redeem a loan/debt/mortgage
redeem a coupon/points/a voucher, etc.

COMMERCE to use a coupon (= piece of paper used to buy goods at a lower price), points from a credit card, etc. to buy something:

be redeemed against sth Coupons, either in or on the pack, may be redeemed against / future purchases of the product.
redeem sth for sth New legislation would enable consumers to redeem gift certificates for cash once their value falls below $10.

(Definición de redeem del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)