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uk /ˈredʒ.ɪ.stər/ us /ˈredʒ.ə.stɚ/

register verb (PUT ON LIST)

B1 [ I or T ] to put information, especially your name, into an official list or record:

I registered the car in my name.
Within two weeks of arrival all foreigners had to register with the local police.
Students have to register for the new course by the end of April.

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register verb (SHOW)

C2 [ I or T ] to record, show, or express something:

The Geiger counter registered a dangerous level of radioactivity.
The earthquake was too small to register on the Richter scale.
formal His face registered extreme disapproval of what he had witnessed.

register verb (REALIZE)

[ I or T ] informal If something registers, someone realizes it and if someone registers something, they realize it:

I did mention the address but I'm not sure that it registered (with him).
I scarcely registered the fact that he was there.


uk /ˈredʒ.ɪ.stər/ us /ˈredʒ.ə.stɚ/

register noun (LIST)

[ C ] a book or record containing a list of names:

Guests write their names in the (hotel) register.
Is your name on the register of voters?

[ C ] a book used to record if a child is present at school:

If a child is absent, the teacher notes it down in the (class) register.

[ U ] in school, the period at the start of the morning and afternoon when a teacher records on an official list that children are present

register noun (LANGUAGE STYLE)

C1 [ C or U ] specialized language the style of language, grammar, and words used for particular situations:

People chatting at a party will usually be talking in (an) informal register.

register noun (MONEY)

[ C ] mainly US UK usually till the drawer in a cash register (= a machine which records sales in a shop, and in which money is kept) or the cash register itself:

Next time you have the register open, could you give me some change?
I think these items have been rung up wrongly on the register.

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us /ˈredʒ·ɪ·stər/

register verb (RECORD)

[ I/T ] to record someone’s name or ownership of property on an official list:

[ T ] I registered the car in my name.
[ + to infinitive ] Voters have until February 16 to register to vote in the primary.
[ I ] Students are currently registering for summer courses.

[ I/T ] If you register a letter or package when you mail it, you pay extra to have it recorded and receive special care in delivery.

register verb (MEASURE)

[ I/T ] (of an instrument) to measure and record an amount:

[ T ] The thermometer registered 79°F.
[ I ] The tremor barely registered on the Richter scale.

register verb (SHOW)

[ T ] to show an emotion by the expression on your face:

Her face registered shock at the news.

register verb (HAVE EFFECT)

[ I ] to have some effect:

The loss of her home has not really registered on her yet.

registernoun [ C ]

us /ˈredʒ·ɪ·stər/

register noun [ C ] (RANGE)

all the notes that a voice or musical instrument can produce, from the highest to the lowest

register noun [ C ] (MONEY)

short form ofcash register

register noun [ C ] (DEVICE)

a device that controls the flow of air from a heating or cooling system through an opening into a room

register noun [ C ] (RECORD)

a book containing an official list or record:

The American Film Institute drew up a register of the 100 greatest American films ever made.

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uk /ˈredʒɪstər/ us

[ I or T ] to put information, especially the name of someone or something, on an official list or record:

Bids may be registered 24 hours a day.
to register a car/company/domain name
register as sth Investment advisers may need to register as brokers.
In the UK, a business is required to register for VAT.
register (sb/sth) with sth Hedge-fund managers must register the commission under the terms of the 1940 Investment Advisers Act.

[ I or T ] to record or show a measurement, an amount, etc.:

The built-in telephone line has registered 50 calls daily.
During the period under review, the company registered a 30% decline in gross profit.

[ T ] COMMUNICATIONS when you register a letter or package, you send it by mail using a special service, so that it will be dealt with in a special way and not be lost:

I'd like to register this parcel, please.
a registered letter

[ T ] to show your opinion or interest formally or officially:

The engineering arm of the company is said to have registered an interest by the bid deadline.

registernoun [ C ]

uk /ˈredʒɪstər/ us

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