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uk /rɪˈlækst/ us /rɪˈlækst/

B1 feeling happy and comfortable because nothing is worrying you:

She seemed relaxed and in control of the situation.

B2 A relaxed situation or place is comfortable and informal:

It's a very friendly bar with a nice relaxed atmosphere.

If someone is relaxed about something, they are not worried about it:

My parents are fairly relaxed about me staying out late.

Más ejemplos

  • There is a very relaxed atmosphere between staff and pupils at the school.
  • He climbed onto his horse and set off at a relaxed trot down the lane.
  • At the press conference, he sounded at his most relaxed.
  • Suntanned and relaxed, looking calmly about the room, he appeared completely in command.
  • You should take it as a compliment when I fall asleep in your company - it means I'm relaxed.

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relaxed en inglés americano

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us /rɪˈlækst/

comfortable and informal:

It’s a very relaxed atmosphere on campus.

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