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remove en inglés británico

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removeverb [ T ]

uk /rɪˈmuːv/ us /rɪˈmuːv/

remove verb [ T ] (TAKE AWAY)

B1 to take something or someone away from somewhere, or off something:

The men came to remove the rubbish from the backyard.
This detergent will remove even old stains.
It got so hot that he removed his tie and jacket.
They decided to remove their son from the school.

to make a negative feeling disappear:

Hearing your opinion has removed my last doubts/suspicions about her.

Más ejemplos

  • The water is filtered to remove any impurities.
  • You can remove a red wine stain from a carpet by sprinkling salt over it.
  • The plaster on the walls has been removed to expose the original bricks underneath.
  • The protestors had to be physically removed from the room.
  • You can immobilize the car by removing the spark plugs.

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remove en inglés americano

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removeverb [ T ]

us /rɪˈmuv/

to take something away from an object, group, or place:

Please remove your books from the counter.
Club soda will remove that stain.
He was removed from office (= forced to leave an official position).
Space flight is pretty far removed from (= not part of) most people’s experience.
noun [ U ] us /rɪˈmu·vəl/

He ordered the immediate removal of the troops.
noun [ U ] us /riˈmu·vər/

paint remover

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remove en inglés de negocios

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removeverb [ T ]

uk /rɪˈmuːv/ us

to take something or someone away from somewhere or off something:

remove sth/sb from sth He asked the company to remove him from their database.
The store removed all canned food from the shelves as soon as they heard about the recall.
remove barriers/obstacles/restrictions The government failed to remove legal obstacles to the transfer of ownership of assets.

to take away or stop a charge or a cost:

Surcharges on fruit and vegetables will be removed by the end of the year.
This measure removes a layer of cost which could bring down prices.
The commodity market price plunged late on Friday after Brazil removed export taxes.

HR, WORKPLACE to force someone to leave an important job or a position of power, usually because they have behaved badly, or in a way that you do not approve of:

They initiated the procedure for him to be removed from office.
The City Controller was removed after a failure to list sources of income including rental properties.
Directors are appointed and removed by shareholders.

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