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uk /rɪˈpeɪmənt/ us FINANCE, BANKING

[ C ] an amount of money that is paid back:

a loan/debt/interest repayment Low interest rates are making loan repayments easier to manage.
make a repayment If you need to make lower repayments, you can.
a weekly/monthly/annual repayment I wanted low monthly repayments so I opted to pay the cash back over five years.
keep up/meet repayments If you think you cannot meet repayments, talk first to your lender.

[ U ] the act of paying back money that you have borrowed:

Charge cards have no limit, but full repayment is to be made each month.
debt/loan/mortgage repayment The first deadline for debt repayment is coming up in June.
early/late repayment There are penalties for early repayment.

(Definición de repayment del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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