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uk /ˌrez.əˈluː.ʃən/ us /ˌrez.əˈluː.ʃən/

resolution noun (DECISION)

C2 [ C ] an official decision that is made after a group or organization has voted:

to approve/adopt a resolution
[ + to infinitive ] The United Nations passed (= voted to support) a resolution to increase aid to developing nations.

C2 [ C ] a promise to yourself to do or to not do something:

[ + to infinitive ] I made a resolution to give up chocolate.

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resolution en inglés americano

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us /ˌrez·əˈlu·ʃən/

resolution noun (SOLUTION)

[ C/U ] the act of solving a problem or finding a way to improve a difficult situation:

[ C ] Negotiators are working tirelessly for a swift resolution of this crisis.

physics [ C/U ] Resolution is also the process of finding out the direction and strength of a vector.

resolution noun (DECISION)

[ C ] a formal statement of decision or opinion:

The chairing officer called for a vote on the resolution.

[ C ] If you make a resolution, you promise yourself to do something:

[ + to infinitive ] I made a New Year’s resolution to lose ten pounds.

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resolution en inglés de negocios

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uk /ˌrezəlˈuːʃən/ us

[ C ] a formal statement on which people in an organization vote, or the decision taken as a result of this vote:

approve/adopt a resolution Shareholders were asked to approve a resolution to create a special voting share.
pass a resolution The first UN resolution was passed unanimously by all 15 members of the council.
Any investor who owns $2,000 of stock for a year can file a shareholder resolution.
a draft resolution

[ C or U ] the process of solving or ending a problem or disagreement:

resolution to sth There was a successful resolution to the problem.
The group wants to bring about a resolution to the situation but the money owing is substantial.
a swift/peaceful/early resolution

[ U ] informal res IT used for talking about how clearly a computer or television screen shows images:

If your monitor supports a higher screen resolution, switch to those choices.

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