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uk /rɪˈzɔːs/ /ˈriː.sɔːs/ us /ˈriː.sɔːrs/ /ˈriː.zɔːrs/

B2 [ C usually plural ] a useful or valuable possession or quality of a country, organization, or person:

The country's greatest resource is the dedication of its workers.
Britain's mineral resources include coal and gas deposits.

[ U ] formal for resourcefulness

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resourceverb [ T ]

uk /rɪˈzɔːs/ /ˈriː.sɔːs/ us /ˈriː.sɔːrs/ /ˈriː.zɔːrs/

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resource en inglés americano

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resourcenoun [ C ]

us /ˈriˌsɔrs, -ˌzɔrs/

something that can be used to help you:

The library was a valuable resource, and he frequently made use of it.

Resources are natural substances such as water and wood which are valuable in supporting life:

[ pl ] The earth has limited resources, and if we don’t recycle them we use them up.

Resources are also things of value such as money or possessions that you can use when you need them:

[ pl ] The government doesn’t have the resources to hire the number of teachers needed.

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uk /rɪˈzɔːs, ˈriːsɔːs/ us /ˈriːsɔrs/

[ C, usually plural ] a useful or valuable possession or quality that a person or organization has, for example, money, time, or skills:

have the resources to do sth The company has the resources and infrastructure to manage a global brand.
We lack the resources to do the job properly.
limited/scarce resources The department has limited resources, and would struggle to cope in such a situation.
pool/share resources When times are hard we are asked to pool our resources, but it doesn't always work.
financial/capital resources
IT/technical resources

[ C, usually plural ] NATURAL RESOURCES a useful or valuable possession, such as oil or gas, that a country has and that can be sold:

natural/energy/water resources All plastics that are created annually consume 2 to 4% of America's energy resources.
Despite being rich in resources like timber and minerals, the country's outlook is bleak.

[ U ] also resourcefulness the ability to make decisions and act on your own:

He has great resource.

resourceverb [ T ]

uk /rɪˈzɔːs/ us /ˈriːsɔrs/

to provide an organization or department with money or equipment:

The department was chronically overstretched and seriously under-resourced.

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