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uk /rɪˈspekt/ us /rɪˈspekt/

respect noun (ADMIRATION)

B1 [ U ] admiration felt or shown for someone or something that you believe has good ideas or qualities:

I have great/the greatest respect for his ideas, although I don't agree with them.
She is a formidable figure who commands a great deal of respect (= who is greatly admired by others).
New teachers have to earn/gain the respect of their students.
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respect noun (HONOUR)

B1 [ U ] politeness, honour, and care shown towards someone or something that is considered important:

You really should treat your parents with more respect.
She has no respect for other people's property (= she does not treat it carefully).

[ U ] a feeling that something is right or important and you should not attempt to change it or harm it:

She grumbled that young people today have/show no respect for the law.

[ U ] the feeling you show when you accept that different customs or cultures are different from your own and behave towards them in a way that would not cause offence:

She teaches the students to have respect for different races and appreciate the diversity of other cultures.
sb's respects formal

polite formal greetings:

Please convey/give my respects to your parents.

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respect noun (FEATURE)

B2 [ C ] a particular feature or detail:

This proposal differs from the last one in many important respects/one important respect.
In most respects, the new film is better than the original.

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respectverb [ T ]

uk /rɪˈspekt/ us /rɪˈspekt/

respect verb [ T ] (ADMIRE)

B1 to feel or show admiration for someone or something that you believe has good ideas or qualities:

I deeply respect David for what he has achieved.
respect yourself

to be proud of your own qualities or achievements

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respect verb [ T ] (HONOUR)

to treat something or someone with kindness and care:

to respect someone's feelings
We should respect the environment and not pollute it.

B2 to accept the importance of someone's rights or customs and to do nothing that would harm them or cause offence:

The agreement will respect the rights of both nations.
I would appreciate it if you would respect my privacy.

to accept that something is right or important and not to attempt to change it or harm it:

The president pledged to respect the existing frontiers between the two countries.

to think that it is important to obey a law or rule:

I was always taught to respect the law.
respect sb's wishes

B2 to do what someone has asked to have done:

His children respected his last wishes and held a simple funeral for him.

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us /rɪˈspekt/

respect noun (ADMIRATION)

[ U ] admiration for someone or something that you believe has good ideas or qualities:

I believe people had more respect for teachers back then.

respect noun (POLITE ATTITUDE)

[ U ] the polite attitude shown toward someone or something that you consider important:

Some drivers don’t have any respect for other motorists.

[ U ] Respects are polite expressions of greeting or sympathy:

[ pl ] Give my respects to your parents.
[ pl ] We stopped by the funeral home to pay our respects.

respect noun (FEATURE)

[ C ] a particular feature or detail:

In some respects, I had to admit, I had behaved foolishly.
adjective us /rɪˈspekt·fəl/

The protestors were respectful and polite.
adverb us /rɪˈspekt·fə·li/

Most old acquaintances address him respectfully as "Governor."

respectverb [ T ]

us /rɪˈspekt/

respect verb [ T ] (ADMIRATION)

to admire an ability or good quality, or to admire someone for the ability or qualities that person has:

While I respected his deep knowledge of American history, he wasn’t a very effective teacher.

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respect en inglés de negocios

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respectnoun [ U ]

uk /rɪˈspekt/ us
in respect of

also with respect to in connection with something:

Legislation will be introduced in respect of the proposals in the Finance Bill.

FINANCE in order to pay for something:

I have arranged a bank transfer in respect of your invoice for January.

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In this respect, it will sometimes be necessary to allow telecommunications to be intercepted when strictly essential to protect these values and in the interests of justice.
I wish to assure you that there is concern to ensure the maximum protection of consumers in respect of the consumption of all food, including beef.
We must have respect for everyone, but we must also have the wisdom to find the ways to understand each other, communicate and be able to interact with each other.
Safer use and better choices by consumers create greater safety, so we must establish that this draft legislation is a step forward in this respect and should be welcomed.
In this respect, increasing expertise is not a goal in itself, but translating expertise into innovation and industrial success, however, is.
In the first place, she had the courage of her convictions and argued passionately in favour of them, but always with respect for the other party.
In my opinion, the fishing industry and the common fisheries policy should also be subject to derogations in respect of the internal market.
We must take the view that they must respect fundamental democratic rights, human rights and the principle of the rule of law when they function.
One cause for concern in this respect, however, is that this principle will only apply to trade between businesses for the time being.
They do have a human rights dimension which obviously must be tackled - and we will be vigilant in this respect - but they are essentially administrative.