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restaurantnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈres.trɒnt/ us /ˈres.tə.rɑːnt/

A1 a place where meals are prepared and served to customers


  • Smoking is not allowed in this restaurant.
  • They do really good food at that restaurant and it's not very expensive either.
  • You seemed a bit hesitant about recommending that restaurant - is something wrong with it?
  • A lot of new restaurants have started up in the region.
  • Their chain of pubs and restaurants brings in millions of pounds a year.

Examples from literature

  • All of the food was wrapped in paper that showed the name of the restaurant. 
  • At a sushi restaurant, you sit and the table moves! 
  • He worked in restaurants and put the money away for his trip. 
  • He’s in the food business: he works in a restaurant. 
  • In an expensive part of a city, restaurant space costs a lot, and so do the pizzas. 
  • In some places the law says that people cannot smoke in restaurants. 
  • It has many stores – and some very expensive restaurants and cafés! 
  • It was cold near the door in the restaurant, so I moved to a different table. 
  • It’s sold by restaurants, supermarkets, and pizza delivery stores. 
  • Many pizza restaurants and delivery stores are franchises. 
  • Or call your favorite restaurants and pay them to send food to your house. 
  • Paris has restaurants from nearly every country in the world. 
  • There are beautiful hotels and great restaurants – French cooking is also famous. 
  • They stay at hotels, eat in restaurants, and buy things in shops. 
  • Think of people working in restaurant kitchens or builders working outside in the heat of the sun. 

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restaurant en inglés americano

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restaurantnoun [ C ]

us /ˈres·tər·ənt, -təˌrɑnt/

a place of business where people can choose a meal to be prepared and served to them at a table, and for which they pay, usually after eating:

a Chinese/Italian/Mexican restaurant

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restaurant en inglés de negocios

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restaurantnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈrestərɒnt/ us

COMMERCE a place where meals are prepared and served to paying customers:

She has no experience of running a restaurant.
the restaurant business/industry
a restaurant chain
a restaurant owner/manager

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