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reveal en inglés británico

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revealverb [ T ]

uk /rɪˈviːl/ us /rɪˈviːl/

B2 to make known or show something that is surprising or that was previously secret:

He was jailed for revealing secrets to the Russians.
[ + that ] Her biography revealed that she was not as rich as everyone thought.
[ + question word ] He would not reveal where he had hidden her chocolate eggs.

C2 to allow something to be seen that, until then, had been hidden:

A gap in the clouds revealed the Atlantic far below.

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revealnoun [ C usually singular ]

uk /rɪˈviːl/ us /rɪˈviːl/

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reveal en inglés americano

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us /rɪˈvil/

to make known or show something usually secret or hidden:

She revealed her history to him because she thought it was important.
[ + that clause ] X-rays revealed that my ribs had been cracked but not broken.

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