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revenuenoun [ U ]

uk /ˈrev.ən.juː/ us /ˈrev.ə.nuː/ also revenues

C1 the income that a government or company receives regularly:

Taxes provide most of the government's revenue.
Government revenues fell dramatically.

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revenuenoun [ C/U ]

us /ˈrev·əˌnu/

the income that a business or government receives regularly, or an amount representing such income:

[ U ] Company revenue rose 4% last year.

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uk /ˈrevənjuː/ us /ˈrevənuː/

[ C or U ] also revenues FINANCE, ACCOUNTING money that a company receives, especially from selling goods or services:

revenue(s) from sth Revenue from online ads is much less than from print advertising.
revenue(s) of Analysts had forecast revenue of $1.39bn.
in revenue(s) His firm posted $41 million in revenues last year.
generate/bring in/raise revenue(s) The sport doesn't generate much revenue from ticket sales.
boost/increase revenue(s) The banking group has in recent years struggled to boost revenues while keeping costs under control.
a fall/increase in revenue(s)
The company has an estimated annual revenue of $50 million.
Advertising revenue fell last year.
expected/projected revenue
a source of revenue

[ C or U ] also revenues TAX money that a government receives from taxes:

They need to restructure the tax system to collect more revenue.
There is extra pressure on the Chancellor to find new ways to raise revenue.
State officials predicted a 5% growth in tax revenues.
Other taxes will have to be raised to compensate for the lost revenue.

[ S ] also the Revenue TAX, GOVERNMENT the government department in the UK that collects taxes:

Taxpayers should always check the documents they get from the Revenue.

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