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roast en inglés británico

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uk /rəʊst/ us /roʊst/

roast verb (COOK)

A2 [ T or I ] to cook food in an oven or over a fire:

Just roast the chicken in the oven and baste it in oil and lemon.
figurative We lay on the beach and roasted (= got very hot) in the Mediterranean sun.

[ T or I ] to heat nuts or coffee beans so that they become drier and browner

Más ejemplos

  • I roasted the vegetables with some olive oil.
  • Have these red peppers been roasted?
  • Roast the lamb in a hot oven for 45 minutes.
  • I roasted a few nuts.
  • We roasted chestnuts on the open fire.

roastadjective [ before noun ]

uk /rəʊst/ us /roʊst/ also roasted

roastnoun [ C ]

uk /rəʊst/ us /roʊst/

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roast en inglés americano

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roastverb [ I/T ]

us /roʊst/

to cook meat or other food by dry heat in an oven or over a fire

adjective [ not gradable ] us /roʊst/ also roasted, /ˈroʊ·stəd/

roast beef/turkey

roastnoun [ C ]

us /roʊst/

a large piece of meat cooked in an oven:

a beef roast

A roast is also an outside event at which food is cooked over a fire:

a lobster roast

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