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uk /ˈrəʊ.lər/ us /ˈroʊ.lɚ/

roller noun (MACHINE/DEVICE)

[ C ] a tube-shaped object in a machine that turns over and over in order to carry things along or press them down or together:

As the hot metal passed between the huge rollers it was pressed into thin sheets.

[ C usually plural ] a tube-shaped device, often heated, that women use to curl their hair:

She answered the door with her rollers in.

[ C ] a heavy machine used to make surfaces smooth and flat:

The men used a roller to flatten the tarmac.
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roller en inglés americano

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rollernoun [ C ]

us /ˈroʊ·lər/

roller noun [ C ] (ROUNDED SHAPE)

a cylinder used for shaping something, or for spreading something over a surface:

hair rollers
a paint roller

roller noun [ C ] (THING THAT MOVES)

a cylinder or wheel that turns over and over in order to move something along

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